Beautiful Xiaoshan

Many years I lived in Hangzhou and yet I didn’t know the treasures located to its south. Less than an hour away the Dongshan Village welcomes guests to experience their traditional rice festival. First we enjoyed a local performance and then entered its ancestors hall to learn the ancient way of making rice cakes. The rice powder and water are stirred by a mighty wooden hammer in a stone bowl. I had the honor to help the locals by hammering the dough into a race cake. Hard work, but tasting the fruit of our combined effort was more than worth it. Following the traces of China’s past we tried old traditional clothes from the Republic of China in the beautiful Hainiantiandi boutique hotel. We didn’t notice whether it’s winter or summer because we were so happy to take pictures together in this setting. The highlight was visiting a pottery master in Yingwushanfang. He showed me to make a bowl out of clay. I love to create, and to me, the ultimate freedom of expression is a blank canvas or a block of clay to capture whatever emotions my imagination gives me. I gained an unforgettable experience and an artwork to remember. After a long fulfilled day we spent the night at the absolute stunning First World Hotel near Xianghu and enjoyed its heavenly hot spring. No matter how long you stay in China and how much you travel, behind every corner another experience awaits you. Adventure is worthwhile.