Mysterious Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie was on my must see once in your life travel destinations. The vertical sandstone pillars of its Wulingyuan Scenic Area,best known from the movie Avatar, are so stunning as they were from another world. I arrived very conveniently by the Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport and was thrilled of the surrounding mountains of Zhangjiajie City and its fresh air. The first night I stayed at the Best Western hotel and enjoyed their superior service, rooms, and meals.

Our exploration of Zhangjiajie started by taking the Bailong Elevator, recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s tallest outdoor lift, to bring us to the mountain top. The glass elevator is an absolute thrilling unique experience and the view on the top is just incredible.


Finally we went with the  Tianzishan cable car to even higher heights and even more spectacular views. Nothing is more enjoyable than a cable car ride with newly found friends in such a beautiful area. A monkey family joined enjoyed together with us this amazing place.

We concluded this unforgettable day by watching the rich performance of Zhangjiajie – “Charming Xiangxi”. A great display of its people, customs and legends.

The next day started with another highlight of Zhangjiajie – the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge.  The bridge decks are all paved with clear extraordinary large glass tiles.  Standing on the bridge, one can see the scenery at the bottom of the valley 400 meters below. It demands courage but honors it with an unforgettable experience.

After the bridge we walked down the mountain along a lavish green landscape and followed a river into a narrow canyon. This stunning day ended with a visit of the Huanglong Cave. Its cave system extends to 15 km and includes a boat ride on its underground river.

On the final day we went with the longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world to the Heaven’s Gate at Tianmen Mountain. The natural arch has a height of 131.5 m and when I saw the  light coming through it, it really looked like the way to heaven to me.

Without a doubt Zhangjiajie is the greatest scenic area I have visited on my many adventures. Moreover, I truly believe there is not another place like this anywhere. It is even hard to believe this mysterious place actually exists on a our ordinary world. If I  could only visit one place in my life it would without a doubt be mysterious Zhangjiajie. Highly recommended for everyone to visit!

The destinations were all magnificent, the hotels luxurious, the food delicious and the care supreme. The itinerary was perfectly planned with a variety of destinations, everyone with their own characteristics and beauty. I can with all my heart recommend to visit Luoyang, a magnificent city to visit for everyone.  I was truly surprised of the stunning beauty and exciting experiences Zhangjiajie has to offer. Unfamiliar at first, our shared love for travelling forged an everlasting brotherhood. We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.