The most cheerful moment in human life, is a departure into unknown lands. So I was deeply moved to have the opportunity to venture with Trendy Adventurer on a four day trip to the heavenly wonders of Taizhou. The first day we floated along the crystal-clear Yongan River on a bamboo raft and walked through a wonderful vast garden. The next day, we hiked to Immortals’ retreat, a vast landscape of mountains, rivers and forests, and visited the ancient farming village Potan. On the third day, we visited the Guoqing Temple, a Sui Dynasty temple constructed 1400 years ago and walked through the Qiongtai Valley of the Immortals. On the last day we traveled to the Huading National Forest park to join the Azalea Festival.
During this unique adventure Jason and his colleagues offered us the best travel experience possible. The destinations were all magnificent, the hotels luxurious, the food delicious and the care supreme. The itinerary was perfectly planned with a variety of destinations, everyone with their own characteristics and beauty. I was truly surprised of the stunning beauty and exciting experiences this area has to offer. Unfamiliar at first, our shared love for travelling forged an everlasting brotherhood. We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.


The gladdest moments in my life are departures into unknown lands. Naturally, I was full of excitement when I first arrived in Jiaxing on a hot summer day. From its founding two thousand years during the Qin Dynasty this marvel lying at the Grand Canal is known until the present day as “land of plenty”. Never have I seen such a prosperous and rich land full of monuments of its ancient cultural heritage. I was stunned by the works of art I saw in the former residence of Feng Zikai and elated by the delicious taste of the Tongxiang signature snack at the Sisters-in-law Flaky Pastry studio and the masterpieces of the bakery tradition at the Rongrong bakery in Xicheng town. But Jiaxing not only enchants its guests with its ancient wonders but also with breathtaking contemporary art I had the honor to see at the Chinese Peasant’s Painting museum and it even hosts the art studio of the international acclaimed artist Miao Huixin. The highlight of this trip was a visit at Jiaxing’s beautiful South Lake. On a boat on this very lake the Communist Party of China was founded in 1921 as result of the First National Congress. I enjoyed so many new experiences and impressions that I can truly say I have been at the land of plenty.


Opening Event of the Yuhang bicycle competition and mountain hiking.

It was also the opening event of the 2017 Zhejiang Through Foreign Eyes video making competition.