Pujiang – A day in paradise

The most cheerful moment in human life, is a departure into unknown.  I was deeply moved to have the opportunity to Pujiang on a two day trip.  Pujiang is near Yiwu which I reached very conveniently and quickly by a high speed train. On a marvelous summer day with blue sky and a small breeze provided refreshing cool air I arrived not knowingly which wonders await me.

At first I enjoyed a walk through the ancient Songxi village, a beautiful and well preserved ancient town from the Tang Dynasty. It’s surrounded by steep mountains with green peaks glittering like emeralds shining upon this ancient place. Countless building with beautiful architecture invite its visitors. The Xu and Shao Ancestral Hall are especially beautiful. A monument of Chinese craftsmanship through the centuries. Moreover, two streams are interweaved into the village – creating a unique scenery unlike any I have seen before.

We continued our exploration after Chinese glorious past by visiting visiting the Jiangnan family estate. The family lived there for  15 generations – serving with its widely known loyalty and obedience China for centuries.  The impressive relics of ancient family culture and Ming and Qing architecture echo from their glorious past to the present day.

On a low hill before a beautiful landscape  the archaeological site Shangshan  displays secrets of its ancient past. The site is crucial as it provides the first evidence of human cultural activiteis during the Holocene starting Chinese civilization. An absolute muss-see for everyone interested in history.

After a wonderful day we arrived at Pujiang International Kaiyuan Hotel. An absolute stunning hotel with breathtaking view over Tongji lake. The perfect place to relax – the place was luxurious, the food delicious and the service courteous. I had a perfect view over Tongji lake and enjoyed a perfect sunrise. Highly recommended!

We walked along beautiful seaside of Tongji lake at Shangyue Ting and visited Xinguang village – A perfect synthesis between ancient and modern architecture.

I heard so often stories about the delicious grapes from the famous vineyards of Pujiang. My heart was full of joy when I had the opportunity to harvest grapes by myself. Never have I tasted such delicious grapes before. It felt to me like walking through the garden Eden.

Finally, we visited wild horse village hotel – the most luxury and stunning hotel I ever visited. Built into a steep mountain side it provides unmatched views and an unforgettable experience. I will definitely visit it when I return to Pujiang.  Who ever doubted that paradise exists should visit Pujiang. Its ancient history, stunning landscape and taste its delicious grapes makes it a paradise on earth – it is not a question if I return but solely when.