Kuala Lumpur

Instead of taking a direct flight from Australia back to China I decided to stay one night in KL – the national capital of Malaysia and its largest city.  It was a tough sightseeing night after driving 10 000 kilometers through Australia and already 30 hours  without sleeping. But absolutely worth it,  a long stay if you transferring flights is basically a free holiday. I arrived around 6pm in KL, explored all major sightseeing highlights and returned at 6am to the airport to return home to Hangzhou to have a long dream about this amazing summer.


I decided to spend this summer in Australia. First I flew from Hangzhou to Sydney and explored the city for a week. Except China I never found a country where I would rather travel. I undertook two road trips starting from Sydney. First I drove north over Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Byron bay and Gold Coast along the ocean to Brisbane – a 2000 kilometer loop. Next I drove from Sydney over Canberra to Melbourne to join the Great Ocean drive until I reached the twelve apostles. Exploring the south east of Australia was the best journey I ever had. But the true highlight was the Great northern highway. I flew from Sydney to Darwin and drove the through one of the most remote places in the world down to Perth.  With some additional sightseeing stop it was an unforgettable 5000 kilometer road trip.