Following my affection for photography and the beauty of his chosen paradise on earth he eagerly joins That’s China’s famous and unforgettable Photography competition trips around Hangzhou. This time I even postponed my departure to Europe in order to bring my camera to the wonders of Longyou – a rising tourist destination which will soon be become one of China’s main tourist destinations. Starting with an incredible tasty lunch we were stunned by its local architecture park which was followed by the breathtaking view of the Shijiao river rivaling the world’s most beautiful rivers. We concluded the first day with the best dinner I had in my life at the Longhe Fishery park. The second and sadly last day of our trip started with 9th World Wonder – the Longyou Grottoes. After seeing the remaining seven world wonders it should be called the 1st world wonder with its stunning halls, light installation and show. Locals say it was created by aliens because they couldn’t believe men can create such a wonder. Filled with unforgettable impressions of this journey of a lifetime wondering along Longyou’s lotus fields I couldn’t help myself but think of an old saying:
We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls and I found true gem of a city – Longyou.